1Kaki = 1 Foot

In the United Kingdom and the United States, the size of the “legs” (feet — the usual abbreviated ft) are more commonly used than “meters”, and we’ve probably often heard or read the phrase, “the depths of 2,000 feet” or “an elevation of 4,000 feet”. Well, how many meters or how many centimeters is actually 1 leg it?

Exactly, 1 foot (ft) is 30.48 centimeters. However, the regular size rounded up to 30 centimeters to facilitate counting. If the size of an inch equals 1 foot, 12 inch, while 1 inch equal to 2.5 centimeters.

So, if there’s any speech or writing that mentions “that building 3,000 feet high”, then the calculation is simply by multiplying the 3,000 (foot) and 30 (centimeters). Then the result is 90,000 centimeters or 900 meters.

1 (Kaki) Foot or feet (ft)

1 foot in English is translated as feet. Foot is the unit of one unit of length in the imperial system of units. The imperial units system used in a number of countries in the Americas and Europe especially in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and others. However, units of the foot or leg is already widely known around the world from a variety of scientific literature or popular. In addition to this widely used system of units as standard sizes in commercial products from countries that use the system of units.

The reading of the symbol of a unit of ft.
Foot units can be abbreviated with the symbol ft. Unit foot more often read feet. It is therefore a symbol of the ft can be read foot or feet. In this case the “foot” in the language of the United Kingdom is a singular noun for “leg”, while the feet are used for plural nouns (magnitude 2 or higher). E.g. 1 foot, 2 feet, 15 feet, and so on.

Convert units of foot (feet)
1 foot = 0.3048 m 1 ft = 0.3048 m
1 foot = 3.048 dm 1 feet = 3.048 dm
1 foot = 30.48 cm = 30.48 centimetres 1 foot
1 foot = 304.8 mm 1 foot = 304.8 mm
1 foot = 12 inch (imperial units) 1 foot = 12 inch (imperial units)
1 foot = 1/3 yards (imperial units) 1 foot = 1/3 yards (imperial units)

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